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4 sept. 2020
4 sept. 2020

September 3, 2020:


Good evening! (or whatever time of day it is, good night just did not sound appropriate)


I try to post at 12 AM (midnight) GMT (8 PM where I am from), but not always on the dot.


Thank you EP for creating the most answers!


There was this really interesting question: about camels and caravans, a really rare topic to talk about that ElectricPavlov answered. 


Unanswered Questions


I found these old posts that have not received any answers. You can reply to the post, but they will lock automatically once you post, so you can reply to my Lantern Thread. Here are the questions:


“arccos (½)”


“find the slope 4x-5y=20”


These are the easier questions, and they are quite old. 


So far, there have been 3 unanswered questions. Here are the links (for today)  ←----- fine, it’s answered, but it has a troll answer    ←-------- yet another troll answer


If there are any more unanswered questions that I have not covered, you can add it to the Lantern Thread. There are some that I purposely left out due to bad formatting, not solvable unless you can use the website, or it leaks personal information. (there have been a lot of screenshots that give a way google meet IDs, full names, gmails, etc. )




Many people can’t post their LaTeX correctly (due to a bug). So, if you desperately need LaTeX for your answer\question, you can use and take a screenshot and upload it. Speaking of which, I will include a detailed step by step on how to upload a picture on the Safari\Chrome browser, since the system blocks picture uploading to some websites. 


(you will find the guide in tomorrow's wrap, as I am still creating it)




There has been this guest troll who has been posting believable answers that are completely random. (here is one example of their one-liners (this is one of the less believable ones, but there are others that seem believable)):


“|a + b + c| = 7/3.”


Found here:    ←----- for those who have time, please take a look at this post, and try to hep dp answer it (but, dp, from now on, you can use my method to post LaTeX questions. If your LaTeX is not proper, then the question is highly unlikely to get answered.)


So, for answerers, if you see a post that has one reply, you should visit that post to see whether it was a troll reply or proper reply. Usually ticked questions don’t include troll answers.


To the askers, please don’t repost the moment you see a troll answer. Wait. Your question will get answered, if it is not too hard. If it has not been answered after a day, then I will include it in the “unanswered questions” section.


To the guest, please stop. Melody has already told you to stop a year ago...and here you are again. 


Fields Arranged by Purity: 



What about philosophers?


That concludes this wrap. You can post your unanswered questions, thoughts, and comments in the Lantern Thread over here:


(Yes, you will see that we have been ‘talking’ about aloud and allowed)




Sorry I'd there is any issues with this post. I am currently multitasking, and busy, so I did not check it over. But I will once I finish my work.


3 sept. 2020

Thanks Ginger!


@guest (Mr. BB)


lingojam is a translator created by random people that translates sentences into useless sentences. Don't believe me?

In no way can that "fix" my spelling. Why, I could even type vdefsfdwfdsfdw, and it will turn out as 𝐯𝐝𝐞𝐟𝐬𝐟𝐝𝐰𝐟𝐝𝐬𝐟𝐝𝐰


In what way does that help me?


Is it the fact that you can't tell the difference between app and website?


@jimkey17 What makes you think I don't learn words that are over my grade?  cheeky If you were wondering, I learned the word "allowed" in kindergarten, when they taught kids how to ask for a bathroom pass! So i bet you think I haven't started grade school yet, right?

Sometimes, when the only thing you are thinking about is math, you forget your grammar. Yes, from now on, I should check my "aloud"s over. 


Oh, do I have to say it allowed to check if I am aloud to go to the bathroom?


To satisfy your curiosity, no. This is not an ad for anything. :)

3 sept. 2020
3 sept. 2020