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6 sept. 2020

September 5, 2020:


I can’t believe it is already the 5th! 


I would like to introduce to you a pet of mine, the headlesschicken.


He follows me around, and if I ever get annoyed at a user, he is the account I will use to calm myself down. So, if you ever find him anywhere, (he is always getting lost), stay calm, even though he might be an ugly sight. 


Anyways, here are the members that have answered with proper answers:


- asinus

- Alan

- jugoslav

- Dragan

- ElectricPavlov

- Ericthegg123

- joliel3


You might have noticed, I have never put my name in there, whether I answered or not. It would be weird if I did though...and not so modest. headlesschicken reminded me that modesty is very important, so he erased my name off the answerers list.


How to submit an answer:


Okay, everybody should know how to submit an answer...right?


Yes, that is true, but some answers are a pain to look at! (okay, maybe not a pain, but it could be better ;P )


Let me ask you a question. Would you rather look at an answer that is like this:


We know that x is = to y so we can say that 2x = 2y. From here, we also see that x > 78 and y is less than 80. This will tell us that 2x is equal to 2y is useless, and therefore we must not use it for any case. After some math we see that the only integer solution is x and y = 79 because that is what the inequalities tell us. And that is the end of my answer hope it helps u please give like and have a nice day.


Or would you like to see an answer like this:


To begin this question, we see that x is equal to y. 


x = y


To find the integer value of x and y, we need some guidelines. Using the information that we know, we can say:


x > 78


y < 80


In other words:


78 < x, y < 80


This means that we need to find the number that is between 78 and 80. We see that there is only one number, and that is 79. Therefore, x and y are equal to 79.


Obviously, we would like the second one much better, right? I know that it takes WAY longer to write that, but trust me, you don’t need to lift your bottom off that couch or change out of those pjs that you have been wearing for three days in a row. 


So starting from now, each wrap (maybe not forever) will have a writing tip for you to better structure your answer.


Here is today’s tip: Give your equations their own line. It makes it SO much easier to read, and it looks much more organized. 


Problem of the day:


Though this is a math forum, there have not been questions that make you go: AHA! I know what to do now!


So, to sharpen everyone’s “logic” skills, I have brought to you a question for you to solve.


2014 AIME Problem 8


The positive integers N and N2 both end in the same sequence of four digits abcd when written in base 10, where digit a is not zero. Find the three-digit number abc.


This problem CAN be done with guess and checking, BUT, there is a mathematical way to do it, because the answer is actually quite BIG. DO NOT POST THE ANSWER AS A REPLY TO THIS THREAD. 


Bug news:


There have been quite a few bugs lately, some that you might have noticed, some that might have slipped through.

There was one bug that was fixed very recently. Before, you could not press the down arrow on the leaderboard or the watchlist unless you were on the main page. Now, you can!


And….that wraps up the wrap!


- ilorty


Lantern Thread


5 sept. 2020

September 4, 2020:


To all those who had suffered the tragedy of my wrong links: I have corrected them! And, I would like to say why those led to nowhere. Many people who HAVE included links have had them lead to nowhere, even though the link address is right...this problem will be covered later.


First, I would like to thank these members for answering questions with real proper answers (that were not copied, or don’t have an explanation, and were not based off of guess and checking) today (the order does not mean anything):


- Nacirema

- Ericthegg123

- asinus

- ElectricPavlov

- jugoslav

- Alan

- gwenspooner85

- Omi67

- heureka

- Melody


And...those are all the answerers that answered after 8PM GMT. If I missed you, I am terribly sorry. I made sure to check the answer tab, so your name might have not been on there because the answer was not “proper”. 


Continuing on…


How to make a link that does not lead to 404 Page Not Found:


There have been a lot of links recently that have led to 404 Page Not Found, including some of mine.


The links are correct, it is just that there is a space ( ) after the link. The program cannot detect if that space is part of the link or not, so it will just assume that that space is a character, which changes the link. 


Make sure that you do not add any extra “spaces” after the link to ensure that it leads to the right place.




Most of the bugs have been fixed, including the LaTeX bug that did not render LaTeX. For members, this is now fixed, but when I logged on as a guest just to check if LaTeX worked, it did not render. (or it may just be me)


The "giving likes" bug is also fixed, so give as many likes to your answerers as you want!


There is still another bug that I will elaborate on in the “Bugs” section.




There is this one bug that happens when you post multiple times in a row. Sometimes you are able to post multiple times in a row without this picture showing up: 



(This picture was taken by gwen)


I have addressed this problem here:


If you are facing the issue, you can head over to that link.


How to upload a picture for Safari/Chrome users:


I promised to make a guide for uploading pictures on today’s wrap, and so I did. There have been lot’s of guides, but none of them work on Safari or Google Chrome, so I will tell you how I get my pictures. 


1. Go to


2. Press “New Post”


3. Press “Choose Photo or Video”


4. Select the photo you want


5. Once the photo is successfully uploaded, use a mouse and LEFT CLICK the image (for mobile devices, long click the image)


6. Select “Open image in new tab”


7. Go to the new tab, and copy the link


8. Head over to and create your post


9. Press the “image” button and paste the link you copied


Voila! Your image should be ready. Remember to RESIZE it, just to make sure that it is not too big. (go to first wrap to see how to resize)


I’m sorry I was not able to upload the images. The file was too big to download...but hopefully the instructions are easy to follow. 


That is it for tonight!


- ilorty


Lantern Thread:

4 sept. 2020
4 sept. 2020